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Sharpening Shears, Knives, Scissors and more.

" If it isn't sharp, you are working too hard."

                                  Megowan Sharpening Prices

      Hair Styling Shears                                                $25.00

      Animal Grooming Shears                                       $10.00

      Household Shears                                                  $10.00

      Clipper Blades                                                          $8.00

      Kitchen Cutlery:

                     Large Knife (blade 6" or longer)                 $8.00

                     Small Knife ( blade less than 6")                 $5.00

       Yard and garden tools call for prices

       Drop-off and pick-up or mailorder only.

        Or while you wait.

National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild - NBTSG

Bonika Shears gold sponsors and family. Tim Lau 2014 top shear sharpener, Bonnie Megowan 2012 top shear sharpener, Gene Megowan educator, Harry Megowan top clipper blade sharpener 2012 and Mystie Hunter NBTSG treasurer.

About Harry Megowan

Harry is the premiere sharpener for stylists and groomers in the northeast Florida area. Harry is well known as not only an outstanding sharpener but a sought after sharpening instructor. Professional sharpeners from all over have trained with Harry as a certified instructor for Bonika Shears.


Get Shear sharpening at your place of business. All work is guaranteed.


Experience Counts

Harry Megowan has sharpened at hair shows from IBS New York and IBS Las Vegas to Premiere Orlando. He attends most sharpening conventions throughout the USA including the NBTSG, Kuda, Bonika and more. He is a member of the International Scissor Sharpeners Association. Harry uses only the best equipment and techniques including the Scimech Scissor Flathone and Nebraska Blades Clipper Hone. He is the certified warranty center for Bonika Shears in his area.


Order Bonika Shears professional stylist tools from their website or pick out what you want and call Harry. He can bring it by so you can try before you buy.

, Jacksonville, FL | 904-786-6475

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